Pre-production: Each project begins with a requirement, a message, an idea. We formulate a way to put these into a certain space of time while achieving the most impact. After assembling a storyboard and budget we present it to the client for review. Once we have approval we then move forward to acquire the raw footage for the project.

Production & post-production: Our in-house production capacity and gear make us a full service, all-digital production house. Using the best equipment and crew we acquire quality footage and prepare it for post-production.

We are more than happy to provide video acquisition services as part of a project or separately. We are also able to provide editing and compositing services as part of a project or separately, with your footage.

Using state-of-the-art non-linear (hard-disk-based) editing systems we can construct each project in a very stable and flexible environment. This allows us to perform changes and make creative revisions quickly and simply. After your review we can further modify the production so that the color, graphics, animations, special effects, and transitions are fine tuned to communicate the idea as artistically and powerfully as possible. By now the project includes the final mix of narration, music, and sound effects.

We are able to provide the finished product in a variety of media formats. We also provide duplication services if necessary.

Web Appropriation: Depending on your needs, we can tailor each project for web use. By optimally compressing the project into a QuickTime, Real Video or MPEG (Windows Media) movie, it can be integrated into a web site, or we can produce a fully interactive CD-ROM. Web related services are available through our Internet department.

Flash Animation: Flash is the professional standard for the production of high-impact Web content. We are capable of creating everything from simple navigation controls and distinctive low bandwidth Web sites to complex highly styled animations.