Company History

Founded over 20 years ago, Erkel Associates' spectrum of services range from print and broadcast advertising, to Internet information solutions, to film and digital video production.

Clients include Henkel Harris, a prestigious American furniture manufacturer; Sperry Marine/Northrop Grumman, manufacturers of cutting edge commercial and military marine products; the Economist, a respected source for news and business information; Lane Furniture, one of the oldest and most respected names in home furnishings in America; SICIS of Italy, USA, the first family of mosaics in the world, American division; the US Government, The National Park Service and The Justice Department.

Providing our clients with exceptionally creative and technically astute marketing solutions is our focus. Inspiring their customers to trust in their brand is our highest aim.


Erkel Associates offers strongly visual artistic design dedicated to providing clients with the very best collateral marketing materials. We strive to ensure a strong advertising approach to increased sales for our clients through trust and brand awareness. We are known for our high-design style and execution.

"You are a treasure."

—Kathy Oswald
Director of Advertising
Lane Furniture

Our advertisements have been in the best magazines and have consistently pulled: Good Housekeeping, Parent's magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, InStyle, Architectural Digest, Glamour, Martha Stewart's Living, Antiques Magazine, Southern Living and many others. Our concentration on establishing brand awareness, trust-building and inspiration, has given our clients emotional and strategic recognition in the marketplace.

Erkel Associates' advertising division has distinguished itself repeatedly over the years. Most recently our publication of the Henkel Harris Portfolio was awarded a Silver Award from the International SAPPI Warren Printing Competition. Only 5 such awards were given for North America. In addition Erkel Associates is the only advertising agency in the history of the Printing Industries of Virginia (PIVA) to win the coveted Dillard Award (now xpedx) twice for the same client, besting competitors such as Volvo, Audi, Proctor & Gamble, among many, many others.


Erkel Associates is the ideal resource for clients who need to harness the power of information technologies while simultaneously developing a strong trustmark. Our dedication to tailoring solutions that provide ease of use for our clients' enterprise and web solutions is supported by our commitment to leading edge technologies. On many occasions our traffic pattern solutions have dramatically reduced training requirements and optimized workflow productivity.

"We are very pleased with the new corporate web site Erkel & Associates has developed for us. The technical challenge was to create a highly database driven web site with easy to use web-based tools for updating. Erkel has exceeded our expectations in meeting this challenge. The big payoff for LMS is in the time and money saved maintaining the site."

—Ron Golden,
Internet Services
Litton Marine Systems/Northrop Grumman

Our comprehensive approach to information system design ensures that data flows freely throughout the enterprise and application, minimizing common task redundancies and inefficient presentation. For information to be utilized it must be easily accessible and recognizable. Company branding and emotion generating designs visually inspire trust and confidence in our clients products and their legacy story. On the backend, we provide tailored marketing, sales, support, HR, product catalog, CRM/SFA, automated fulfillment, and other custom solutions.


Film and digital video production is the newest addition to our services list. We have done major projects for Lane Furniture including two television commercials and several new product introduction videos. Our most recent project is the bumper for the International Sales Force Conference for Sperry Marine Systems/Northrop Grumman. This has a very large wow factor and was seriously inspiring to the sales professionals gathered for the occasion.

In Summary

Erkel Associates is a cohesive band of extremely artistic and enthusiastic individuals motivated to inject beauty and purpose into the branding marketplace. Strength of design, robust creative resources and talents lightly held but seriously employed are the hallmarks of our company.