In the marketplace "Who are you?" is more than just a philosophical question.

Creation and Implementation: Developing a new brand identity is the first step to delivering sales. Research and development, visual execution, and finally establishing the guidelines for usage all play heavily on the process.

Working with an established brand is different than developing something new, and should not be tinkered with in a cavalier manner. Erkel Associates strictly endeavors to restrain modification to any pre-existing brand unless the internal pressures and/or market influences are substantially in favor of such a move. Once over that, a new logo or brand must build on the same principles and process as if there had been no brand, to begin with, at all. The old must be evaluated for it's identity values and brought from the past into the future. This conscientious application of deliberate change requires a strong creative impulse controlled by a respect for the people who have made the company what it is today, and what it will become in the future to their new customers.

Style Guides: After development, consistency is the watchword of success in branding. Everything that the company does must reflect this attitude. Building a brand or reinvigorating one is difficult at best and once there is cognitive market recognition implementation must continue on without relaxing that initiative. Always play the brand for the people, and if you are bored with it, stop and think again before you jump in and muddy the identity waters.