Knowing who's doing the buying helps get the products sold.

Research and demographics: Developing a winning sales strategy requires an agency to walk in the client's shoes figuratively speaking. At EA we enjoy discovering the uniqueness of the production/manufacturing processes, the sales dynamic and persona our clients put before the public. Through careful analysis of market data and census tables we are able to provide insightful solutions for ad placement that others overlook through lock-step attitudes to marketing.

Surveys: Using web tracers and direct questionnaires when necessary, EA can discover the pulse of an issue for our clients. Building a polling document or setting up a quick response web test is an effective way of procuring personal data in an impersonal non-threatening way. Sometimes surprising results can be achieved through the use of surveys and polls.

Newsletters: Developing a corporate or company-wide newsletter is a solid way of maintaining morale and informing employees of current events. This can take the form of a web-based event or a true publication, but in either case giving employees and customers useful information is a good methodology for success.