Public Relations

Letting the public know what's going right is important. When things go wrong, even more important.

Event Planning: When our clients need to get the message out in a more direct way via a trade show or conference Erkel Associates is there to help with the logistics and planning. With our extensive Associate Network we can get the venue our clients need and we can get it at a very competitive price. Since we are international this can be extremely helpful for building continuity around the globe.

Event Promotion and Press Releases: Whether the need is for a humorous take on an event or for the more formal presentation, Erkel Associates can produce the necessary materials to carry the message to the public. Bus/train stop or building graphics are a great way to accomplish this. Getting the clearances and fees approved is our job and our clients enjoy a turnkey solution with no headaches. And presenting the positive accomplishments of our clients is one of our happiest tasks via a well-crafted press release.

Crisis management: Well, when it happens, it happens. And our philosophy is get the information out as quickly as possible, establish our client's position and build supporting evidences for that position-all within the framework of honesty and good character. The truth may hurt but the public at large honors it with toleration and usually reacceptance.

Media Relationships: Erkel Associates cultivates its contacts within the media and nurtures every contact that can be found useful for our clients. Rewarding quid pro quo relationships provide multiple opportunities for ancillary media exposure through editorials and reviews.