Erkel Associates’ services and approach to IT solutions.

Properly Implemented Technology

We develop the solutions that enable the On Demand enterprise. What is the On Demand enterprise? It is the result of properly integrated systems, allowing information to be instantly accessible by executives, administrators, personnel and customers. It enables new initiatives to be quickly implemented – from public web enhancements to enterprise management solutions. In short, On Demand can be interpreted as properly implemented IT.

We have created the ideal business model for properly implementing IT solutions. Leveraging our comprehensive Associate Network, we are able to dynamically assemble teams of respected experts suited to tackle each project’s unique requirements. The benefits we have realized using our Associate Network are substantial cost savings to ourselves and our customers, a greater focus on expertise, and the ability for us as a company to focus on overall project direction and management.

Our Associates specialize in:

  • .NET and J2EE application development
    • Business intelligence
    • Collaboration
    • Mobile
    • Content management
    • Customer relationship management
  • Integrating custom and off-the-shelf enterprise applications
    • Enterprise resource planning
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
    • Mainframe
  • Ongoing application management
  • Integrated Internet solutions
    • Internet presence
    • Commerce
    • Information disbursement