The right touch for the right product sets the customer's imagination ringing.

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Art Direction: Superior expertise in understanding and exploiting the printing press has enabled Erkel Associates to achieve something of legendary status in the print community. Our unabashedly hands-on techniques have repeatedly made our client's printed goods look spectacular. And many people agree with this: Erkel Associates is the only agency in the State of Virginia to win the highest print award twice for the same client, Henkel Harris. And the last time we printed their catalogue it went on to garner a Gold Ink award and be recognized as one of only five catalogues in the nation to win the SAPPI International Printer Award in 2001. This all reflects immediately on our Art Direction and print supervision. We understand the limitations of the media and get the best out of it continuously.

Graphic Design: What makes something stand out in a sea of increasingly prolific imagery? Great graphic design. Erkel Associates long ago mastered world-class design and utilized it for our client's benefit. We are not a theme agency, one that can only produce one style of design. Erkel Associates is a robust and dynamically creative group of image professionals with a very broad spectrum of design expertise - stylistically rich and well versed in current and past trends. This gives our clients peace of mind that what we design for them will have longevity in the marketplace and not blow through with the next 'big' thing.

Copywriting: Talk may be cheap but good copywriting isn't. It costs to develop a thorough and thoughtful body of descriptive copy that accurately meets our client's needs. Clever headlines that capture the imagination of the reader or viewer are the targets of our efforts. Our client's benefit from our international approach to marketing and product building, and we get to cross-pollinate cultural icons with decidedly successful results.

Color Engineering and Compatibility: Erkel Associates could not have been as successful at the awards banquets if it wasn't for our in-house color expertise. We handle all high-resolution images in-house and produce near perfect color at the first proof. This means real value at pre-press where spending a fortune has been traditional. Erkel Associates is known for its image magic and remarkable 'saves'. One client even had us change the finish on an entire line of furniture (multiple room shots and products), which we accomplished so realistically that no one outside of the project committee could tell the difference. This is not a casual achievement.

Packaging Design and Prototyping: With our in-house 3D capabilities we can rapidly show our clients what their product box will look like and offer multiple suggestions refining the process. Whether software or product packaging, all of our expertise in the print media is brought to bear at press time.

Multimedia Presentation: When our clients need a special differentiating presentation we are quick to offer the highest level of software solutions available. Whether it requires a Directorâ„¢ quality setup, Flash graphics, or enhanced PowerPoint we build thrust into our client's pitch and it pays off for them with tangible successes.

Print Production Supervision: Superior print or packaging results are direct effect of vigilant oversight. At press, when everything comes together in a hurry, experience is the safeguard. Whether the press is operating at highest efficiencies or is limping along, Erkel Associates has the expertise to make that machine get the best results for our clients. Whether the printer is going to get the job again depends on their response to crisis, and when a crisis happens Erkel Associates has proven it can handle the situation creatively, minimizing the impact on our clients. What goes on at press time is not for the faint-hearted.

Magazine Design: Our philosophy on magazine design is simply a continuation of our overall design theory. Make it stand out! Make it readable, and give it panache that the market sector it is targeted at will appreciate. Once again, comprehensive color work is essential to success and Erkel Associates covers that territory easily.