Ad Campaigns

Everyone has an angle but most are obtuse to the reader and don't make that critical impact.

Concept, Development & Client Presentation: Starting from any given situation Erkel Associates creatively assesses the obstacles and applies sound creative ideas towards building a successful campaign. Maintaining the larger view at all times is essential to not wasting a move or moment. The campaign needs to work in all its venues and this is incredibly complicated if the larger view is abandoned. Once concepts have been developed that we feel the client will be happy with, and that will pull, we generate our client's presentations accordingly. These can be simple boards to full-blown wall projections in motion. The client determines the media.

Media Placement: At Erkel Associates we are not followers of the lock-step method of advertising. Demographics are a good source of information, but if our clients are in the pool with a thousand others we have failed at our task. We search out the venues where the audiences our clients need to reach are active. Buying into a status mag or spot is not always a good thing and finding the esoteric venue is far more valuable for our clients and extremely cost-effective.

Television: Our robust video and in-house web-based technology depth give us a decided advantage over other agencies. Erkel Associates is able to work elements and structure into our motion campaigns with alacrity and common sense. Overawing the sophisticated viewers of today is not as easy as it once was. Erkel Associates is not an advocate of the short attention span phenomena or the anti-information trends. We adhere to sound, artful presentations with careful attention to image and music mixes. Balancing everything to generate the greatest impact and clearest message possible. Let the other agencies dribble and mumble. We shout our client's messages with pride.

POP, Fleet and Floor Graphics: Everyone has heard the adage, "location, location, location." But what comes after that? "Impact, impact, impact!" Wherever the public sees our client's product or image we strive to make it count for them.