Photography & Illustrations

A picture is worth a thousand words. A bad picture: cursing. A great picture: praise.

Digital & Conventional Photography: At Erkel Associates we pride ourselves on the quality of our images. Whether we shoot something in-house or outsource for our clients we are extremely picky. And when we can't get what we want from the shot, we digitally inject it. Once again, that is because we are considered to be one of the finest image houses around. From product vignettes to full rooms, from studio to location we get it done. Currently we are still recommending film over digital for large area photography, but we use digital quite successfully for most other occasions.

Image Composition and Manipulation: If you've read this far you have heard enough on this subject. But just in case you haven't: We can take a table, and put a glass top on it, for a whole line of furniture. We can take another line of bedroom and dining furniture and change the finish from a crummy Pine to a refined Ash with absolutely no loss of image integrity- that means no shadow or highlight botches. We can go from a DXF file and produce any finish, style or ambient setting and make it look as though it were shot on location. Our skills have won the appreciation of software manufacturers, and we have beta tested the finest products they produce and we still are learning. Extremely high quality image work is the key at Erkel Associates.

2D & 3D: Traditional 'natural' art, meaning ink on scratchboard, watercolors on paper, oils on linen is the heritage that Erkel Associates grew from. And as we progressed into the digital imaging arena we brought all of our color and composition competencies with us. Now as we have ventured into the 3D world we are getting the same high quality results there. It is not enough to just put something into space and rotate it. It must be lit properly, positioned believably, and styled professionally. That is always the end result of our work.

Tradeshow 3D Prototyping: Because we have 3D capability in-house we can provide our clients with tradeshow setup prototyping without their getting involved with expensive scale models that are difficult to modify. Once the setup is chosen it is then outsourced with the understanding that the end result will not suffer from whatever structural compromises need be made.