Where EA Fits

Erkel Associates fill the niche between where the in-house department is unable to provide the required solution and an “off-the-shelf” product cannot be made to fit the requirement.

If the “off-the-shelf” option solves the requirement and can be fully integrated with other company solutions, without moderate/extensive customization, it could prove to be the best choice. However, when an “off-the-shelf” solution requires customization it can be likened to a tailor beginning with a size 42 suite and finding the client is size 50, with extensive alterations and patching it may be able to fit the size 50 client, but it isn’t pretty. This is where your in-house department or Erkel Associates become a strong viability.

Erkel Associates tailor each solution from the foundation to fit our client’s needs. Thereby reducing cost, increasing adoption, and developing a truly seamless enterprise.