The choice of a development partner can make all the difference.

The relationship: In order for any outsourcing arrangement to be effective, the client's in-house team must be comfortable with the relationship. An outside organization will be a hindrance if the strain on the in-house team is increased while the everyday working experience is dampened. The relationship established must create a synergy that releases the in-house team to focus on core proficiencies. Erkel Associates have experience of working with many different organizational cultures and therefore can apply methods of work practice that suite any given project team.

Business applications: Erkel Associates, along with our clients' in-house technical and business staff, provide cutting edge business application Development, Deployment, Management, and Enhancement. Aiming and pressing towards a common goal of unrestricted information flow through a seamless enterprise. Streamlined business practices and an empowered workforce are the results of a well developed and deployed business application.

The speed of business often requires that we use rapid application development techniques. Once the project has been broadly defined we work with the in house project team to define the critical path and develop an approach that will suit the time, technical, cultural and resource constraints.

Leveraging expertise: Erkel Associates have worked for the last twenty years with a number of associates which has enabled us to deliver the right team to the right project. We take pride in building and sustaining all possible skills that may be required in an IT solution project. Where an organization may be lacking essential capabilities required to achieve a goal, our associates with the appropriate technical know how can be utilized for the task.

Reduced risk and cost-effective: Risk is allayed by reducing the overhead of adding new staff to tackle large projects and all projects can be rapidly tackled, allowing the enterprise to confidently meet changes in the competitive business environment head-on. Capacity and expertise can expand and contract to match both real and financial requirements.

Where appropriate, our offshore resources consistently achieve quality results while reducing costs. Individual developers or teams can be utilized for projects that may be suitable, while never incurring the up-front financial costs and risk of establishing an overseas location.