Enterprise Management

Technology can enable a seamlessly efficient enterprise, or not.

Seamless enterprise: Pressing towards a common goal of a fully efficient enterprise while remaining focused on foundational business values will bring success. Chasing fads at the expense of sound planning will waste resources, knowledge and time. Erkel Associates assist in the goal of realizing a seamless enterprise. Business units are able to fully leverage the information collected and share that information on a global scale.

To create the seamless enterprise the solution must be as unique as the company. Realizing that simply competing within the same industry does not make any two companies alike, Erkel Associates design and build custom solutions for the enterprise, not the industry. We therefore encourage the organizations that we work with to develop a user group from the outset. This gives a unique forum in which user feedback and buy in can be obtained enabling the organization to command its internal communication successfully.

Utilizing real-time technology provided by an Alliance with KnowNow, Erkel Associates carefully develop solutions that fully leverage the valuable information that has been collected.

Instant usability: There is a reason for collecting information and it must be accessible and usable to be valuable. Customers demand answers and those responsible must have the ability to provide answers instantly. Likewise, there are intra enterprise demands on information that must be met. Enterprises are able to rapidly capitalize on shared knowledge when querying a seamless solution developed by Erkel Associates.

Instant accessibility: Using web technologies and proven security measures the solutions Erkel Associates develop can be accessible globally, via an array of devices. Thus expanding the seamless enterprise to be accessible anywhere at anytime.