Web Presence

The Internet is a valuable tool, and becoming more valuable.

Websites: Erkel Associates are the ideal resource for clients who need to harness the power of information technologies while simultaneously developing a strong and consistent brand. Our dedication to tailoring solutions that provide ease of use for our clients' web solutions is supported by our commitment to leading edge technologies. Our web applications serve blue-chip companies to Internet start-ups, with a track record of increasing traffic and retaining users.

Working closely with the creative divisions, our Internet solutions maintain brand while remaining functional. On many occasions our traffic pattern solutions have dramatically reduced training requirements and optimized workflow productivity.

E-Commerce: Turning visitors into customers is a challenging task. The experience must easily flow towards the purchase closure. Any hindrance during the process can make the difference between a sale and a frustrated would-be customer. Erkel Associates endeavor to create customer experiences that are stress free and lead to sales.

Search Engine Optimization: With search engines directing over 80% of web traffic, search engine optimization is a critical element to the success of any website. Erkel Associates carefully analyze and optimize each site to eliminate obstacles that hinder the search engine spidering process.

Mobile Accessibility: PDAs and mobile phones are being used to access the Internet more frequently, by both consumers and the workforce. Erkel Associates are able to develop solutions that are readily accessible by mobile devices yet require little or no extra maintenance by administrators.